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Want to inform and educate your associates and employees on how the Free Market works? The “Good Sense News” will do that!

Don’t let the Liberal Media brainwash your employees!

By providing unbiased information and true facts, your employees will be able to decide for themselves what the truth is on major issues.

Why You Should Receive Good Sense News

Explain how important making a Profit is for everyone.
Teach associates ways to become better at their jobs.
Let your employees know you care about them by giving them an interesting and informative newsletter.
Counter the false and misleading info they get from the Main Stream Media on political issues.
Give employees hints on how to deliver better Customer Service.
Share the latest news about Health, Money, Sports and Travel.
The “Good Sense News” is a four page newsletter sent directly to your office twice each month so that a copy is handed to every worker in your business. It is all done for you.
The cost is only $1 per month per employee (plus postage), the “Good Sense News” offers a cost-effective way for you to provide a valuable service to your workforce.
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